Our History Of Arm Wrestling

I have been arm wrestling since I was a young boy. It all started with my father. When we lived in Hermosillo Sonora, my father attended the University of Sonora. While he attended he would arm wrestle regularly. His brothers would also arm wrestle, him and other competitors. Challengers would seek my father out from all over. He was undefeated.

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When I became interested is when I saw my older brother doing it. I remember arm wrestling in first grade. At age 15, we moved to Tucson Arizona. As I got older, I would enter in tryouts at high school and college . I too was undefeated on a regular table. As I continued to train I met Erick Wolfe in Phoenix Arizona, at age 22. Since I was unbeatable, I really thought I was going to beat these guys. All the guys that Erick had with him beat me. So I went back to Tucson furious and ready to start serious training. I was determined not to let them beat me again. I knew, in order to get better I would need people to train with. So, I decided to get more people interested in joining me and the team. Little by little our team started to grow. Now we have many team members to have table time with.


We all have a beginning. We all decide how far we get with it. Our strength, knowledge and techniques continues to grow. Join us in our endeavors.

David Martinez

~Gorilla Arms Leader~